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If Inspector M.C.Sharma would have been alive…..

By   /  September 24, 2008  /  India, Politics  /  3 Comments

He and his team would have been lynched by the (Pseudo) Secular and human Right wolves by now. We both know Secularists would have raised so much of stink with the ever obliging MSM digging all the records of M C Sharma’s alleged links with Underworld! By now CNN IBN would have dug up the […]

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Reclaiming India ~ Tarun Vijay

By   /  August 7, 2008  /  India, Politics  /  3 Comments

None should say Omar is not allowed in Jammu. Let him come, listen and speak. Like any other Indian should feel free to visit Kashmir or any other part of the nation. He is welcome to visit my home even if he denies me a piece of land in Kashmir. Why should a few words […]

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Ruled by Scoundrels !

By   /  June 23, 2008  /  India, Politics  /  15 Comments

“Those who criticize politics as the last resort of a scoundrels are condemned to be ruled by scoundrels” – Plato It is really surprising to see how a statement as the above one made some 2000 years ago can so accurately describe the state of affairs of a country like India in 2008.Consider this; 40% […]

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