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Have we judged the revolt of 1857 failrly ?

By   /  July 24, 2011  /  History, India  /  No Comments


The revolt of 1857 is often called a revolt of the sepoys for petty reasons like greased cartidges, a mutiny without a clear sense of purpose, an effort immature in its ambitions and ambigious in character. In my humble opinion, the time has come to when we dissect such beliefs and theories and make up […]

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Bharat Bhagya Vidhata?

By   /  June 28, 2011  /  History, India  /  No Comments


The belief that the British were instrumental in building a nation called India is often a result of looking at the concept of Nationalism from a Western Point of view and failing to look at the nebulous nature of the eternal entity that has been India. Unlike the modern nation states of Europe which took […]

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Revolution ~ Bhagat Singh

By   /  September 6, 2009  /  History, India  /  1 Comment

‘Revolution’ does not necessarily involve sanguinary strife nor is there any place in it for individual vendetta. It is not the cult of the bomb and the pistol. By ‘Revolution’ we mean that the present order of things, which is based on manifest injustice, must change. Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is […]

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23rd March 1931-2009 – Legacy of the three Martyrs

By   /  March 23, 2009  /  History, India  /  7 Comments

I salute Sardar Bhagat Singh, Shivram Rajguru & Pandit Sukhdev on their martyrdom day which is 23rd March…….. Their ways and ideology may not get along with many, but what makes them respectable is their courage and the honest love for Bharat Mata, for which they didn’t hesitate to go to the gallows with a […]

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Azad – a rememberance

By   /  February 27, 2009  /  History, India  /  15 Comments

Time : Sometime in late afternoon Date : 27 February 1931 Place : Alfred Park, Allahabad The tension is palpable as the gunshots refuse to cease. The young revolutionary realizes that he has only one bullet left in his pistol. He has been surrounded by the police from all sides and although three of them […]

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