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Killed for Clapping and Singing !

By   /  June 8, 2012  /  Society, World  /  3 Comments


In a shocking news, four women were killed in the North Western Tribal area of Pakistan because they were singing and clapping in a wedding where men were dancing. The incident happened in a remote village of the Gizar Valley. According to the brother of one of the men who were dancing, the tribal council […]

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My experience with the Chennai Police

By   /  June 5, 2012  /  India, Society  /  2 Comments


There is a website called I paid a bribe where people update their experience when they had to pay a bribe for being served by the government officials. This is my recollection of one such case where I had a first hand experience with the apathy and corruption of Indian Police. After getting a job […]

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Do they really want to protect the Whistleblowers?

By   /  August 20, 2010  /  India, Society  /  3 Comments


  “Any person who makes any disclosure which was false to his knowledge or reckless or malicious, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to three years and also to fine which may extend up to fifty thousand rupees.” This is a very interesting provision in the proposed Whistle Blower […]

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What after the Naxals are all gone ?

By   /  July 8, 2010  /  India, Society  /  No Comments


This is a question which has been coming in my mind again and again. The Naxals who have turned into Maoists, are being percieved as the biggest threat to India’s security.What will happen after they are finally crushed? So who will speak for the landless and the tribal once we succeed in crushing the Naxals, […]

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Satan’s own brigade

By   /  April 26, 2010  /  India, Society  /  1 Comment


“Ilahi …! Bhej de Mahmood koi …!” “Waiting …! For Ghaznavi !!!” You may wonder who are these sinister people who want Mahmud of Gazni to come back and ravage India once again. Well they are not foreigners but our own people. They are SIMI – Students Islamic Movement of India.Why has SIMI emerged as […]

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