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No hospital in 8-km range of ‘New Jharia’

By   /  July 16, 2012  /  India, Society  /  No Comments


2600 hundred families have been shifted to 1500 quarters in Belgaria, 22 kilometers from Jharia town, a new colony surrounded by jungles with no basic amenities within commutable range. There is no hospital or medical care, no school, no shops, and, worst of all, no jobs at all. The people of Belgaria have to travel […]

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An Olive Branch full of Thorns!!

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Jharkhand is one of the richest areas in the whole country, rich in minerals deposit and forests. Coal alone contributes about 92- 93 per cent to the total revenues from mining received by the Jharkhand government. Infact Jharkhand receives the maximum mining royalty among the coal producing states of India. Since its formation, the Jharkhand […]

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Life expectancy of coal miners below 40 – Jharia

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  As Jharia burns, the people who have  chosen to make this place their home brave the fire and fumes to somehow make a living and feed themselves two square meals a day. Hardly any of the workers in the open cast mines wear any protective gear, no masks and no boots. Most end up with a film […]

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The Wistleblower from the ‘Rape Village’ of Bengal is dead

By   /  July 8, 2012  /  Breaking News, India, Local, News, Society  /  4 Comments


At around 7:45 PM on the evening of 4th July 2012, Mr. Barun Biswas, a 35-year-old school teacher at Mitra Institution, Sialdah was coming back to his home after work. As soon as he stepped out of the Gobordanga Railway Station, 3 young men on a motorcycle came from behind and shot him in the […]

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As the Kaamwali Bai completes her tenure, enters the Chauffeur

By   /  June 18, 2012  /  India, Local, News, Politics  /  1 Comment

kaamwali bai

Will I be arrested for writing this ? But even at the risk of a possible arrest on charges of maligning the names of the high and mighty of the Indian republic, how can I not voice my opinion about the great Soap Opera of our Democracy – the Presidential Elections of 2012? After an […]

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