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पंद्रह अगस्त की पुकार

By   /  August 15, 2012  /  India, Thoughts  /  1 Comment


पंद्रह अगस्त का दिन कहता आज़ादी अभी अधूरी है। सपने सच होने बाकी है, रावी की शपथ न पूरी है।। जिनकी लाशों पर पग धर कर आज़ादी भारत में आई। वे अब तक हैं खानाबदोश ग़म की काली बदली छाई।। कलकत्ते के फुटपाथों पर जो आँधी-पानी सहते हैं। उनसे पूछो, पंद्रह अगस्त के बारे में […]

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The story of the Seven Martyrs of Patna

By   /  August 10, 2012  /  History, India  /  4 Comments

martyrs memorial patna

If you take a walk through the corridors of power in Patna, you will see a life-size sculpture of seven men. Clad in dhoti kurta and a Gandhi cap, these men faces the gates of the Old Patna Secretariat and the one in front holds a flag while the others are falling or already fallen […]

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No Country for Young Women

By   /  August 6, 2012  /  India, Society  /  6 Comments


India has been a peculiar country for long. It is only now that it has started changing into appalling and sometimes disgusting. Incidents in recent past, from Khap diktats on mobile phones to molestation in Guwahati and beating up of girls in Mangalore have cast a big question mark on the way we are “evolving” […]

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A tribute to Shaheed Udham Singh

By   /  August 1, 2012  /  History, India  /  2 Comments


India has always been a land of contradiction ideologies. While some believed that “an eye for an eye will make the world blind”, there were others of the firm faith that a wrong if not avenged, will not let the wronged die in peace. Today is the death anniversary of one such man for whom revenge […]

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Who was Captain Lakshmi Sahgal?

By   /  July 24, 2012  /  History, India  /  6 Comments


In a nation obsessed with Sunny Leone, it did not surprised me when someone asked on Twitter, “Who was this Lakshmi Sahgal who died?”.  I would have been surprised if her death would have gone noticed by the mainstream media which devotes half page articles to Beti B when she gets her pierced. Since we […]

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