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The Tigers become history …..

By   /  May 18, 2009  /  Politics, World  /  1 Comment

I have seen history being made. In past two decades, I have seen a motley group of “boys” graduating from being jungle guerrillas to the most fierce fighting guerrilla force in the world. Today I have witnessed their downfall.Prabhakaran is dead along with his family, commanders, family and thousands of civilians. Liberation Tigers of Tamil […]

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23rd March 1931-2009 – Legacy of the three Martyrs

By   /  March 23, 2009  /  History, India  /  7 Comments

I salute Sardar Bhagat Singh, Shivram Rajguru & Pandit Sukhdev on their martyrdom day which is 23rd March…….. Their ways and ideology may not get along with many, but what makes them respectable is their courage and the honest love for Bharat Mata, for which they didn’t hesitate to go to the gallows with a […]

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Azad – a rememberance

By   /  February 27, 2009  /  History, India  /  15 Comments

Time : Sometime in late afternoon Date : 27 February 1931 Place : Alfred Park, Allahabad The tension is palpable as the gunshots refuse to cease. The young revolutionary realizes that he has only one bullet left in his pistol. He has been surrounded by the police from all sides and although three of them […]

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Is this our biggest humiliation after the defeat of 1962?

By   /  December 1, 2008  /  Breaking News, India, News, Politics  /  13 Comments

Is the attack or rather say, massacre at Mumbai the most humiliating incidence in Indian history after the defeat of 1962 ? I was not born much after the China War but my parents recall how great was the feeling of humiliation in India at that time, a black stain on the conscience which was […]

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A tight slap on the face of India, that is Bharat !

By   /  November 28, 2008  /  India, News, Politics  /  14 Comments

In all probabilities, I will be lynched to say this but this is something I must do. Yes, India has been slapped hard on face and we Indians can do nothing except smarting under the insult. When I was looking at the visuals showing the Tajmahal Hotel in flames, this was the exact thought in […]

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