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The First Falling “BRIC” ?

By   /  June 12, 2012  /  Economy, India, Local, News  /  2 Comments


The biggest news of today was not the spat between Modi and Nitish or what ICC had to say about the match fixing Bimbo, but about S&P threatening to downgrade India to – the worst possible nightmare – Junk grade. This “warning” comes on the back of slowing growth, declining IIP, a falling currency and […]

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Rs 32 for the Common man and Rs 35 Lakh for Toilets

By   /  June 7, 2012  /  Economy, India  /  4 Comments


Call it the heights of frustration! For past few days, the nation’s mindspace has been taken up by 2 toilets built by the Planning Commission, at the cost of Rs 35 lakhs ! By the way this is the same planning commission which decided sometime back that Rs 32 was sufficient to fulfill the basic […]

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32 ka Dum !

By   /  September 26, 2011  /  Economy, India, Local, News, Uncategorized  /  1 Comment


┬áLong back in the 1960s, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, riding on the groundbreaking slogan of “Garibi Hataao”, became the Prime Minister of India. It will never be established how much “Garibi” was removed in those decades of the “Hindu rate of growth” but Garibi Hataao” remained the flagship of the elcetoral battle formation of the Congress […]

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