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The most insensitive ad on Indian Television

By   /  April 21, 2013  /  Film, Musings  /  14 Comments


From the settings, it looks like a prison/ concentration camp in South East Asia. The prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs and they look clearly terrified. The Firing squad takes its position and at the signal of their chief, they start firing. The hapless men fall on the ground in a heap. No, […]

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Attack on Presidency College and the Rot in Bengal

By   /  April 11, 2013  /  India, Local, News, Politics  /  6 Comments

Kolkata, April 10 – The City of Joy seems to have reached a point where merely saying that not everything is right with the city will be a gross understatement. The city as well as the whole state has literally gone to dogs. Yesterday’s attack on the Presidency College was unlike everything this university had […]

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The Politics of Gagging Social Media

By   /  November 27, 2012  /  India, Local, News, Politics  /  No Comments

social media

After the Thane Police arrested a girl for questioning the shutdown of Mumbai after the death of Bal Thackeray on Facebook, and another for ‘liking’ here comment, a joke going around on internet was: Just how bad was Kasab’s Facebook Status Message (that he got hanged) ? This says a lot about our great democracy where Ban […]

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And the GoI finally blocks !

By   /  August 25, 2012  /  Breaking News, India, News, Politics  /  2 Comments


“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” When Evelyn Beatrice Hall wrote this famous line in 1906, illustrating the beliefs of Voltaire, Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were not even born.  Hence there is no wonder that in 2012, they reserve the right to […]

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पंद्रह अगस्त की पुकार

By   /  August 15, 2012  /  India, Thoughts  /  1 Comment


पंद्रह अगस्त का दिन कहता आज़ादी अभी अधूरी है। सपने सच होने बाकी है, रावी की शपथ न पूरी है।। जिनकी लाशों पर पग धर कर आज़ादी भारत में आई। वे अब तक हैं खानाबदोश ग़म की काली बदली छाई।। कलकत्ते के फुटपाथों पर जो आँधी-पानी सहते हैं। उनसे पूछो, पंद्रह अगस्त के बारे में […]

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