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हिटलर की नानी की जय हो!

By   /  May 11, 2013  /  Thoughts  /  No Comments


इसके लेखे संसद=फंसद सब फ़िजूल है इसके लेखे संविधान काग़ज़ी फूल है इसके लेखे सत्य-अंहिसा-क्षमा-शांति-करुणा-मानवता बूढ़ों की बकवास मात्र है इसके लेखे गांधी-नेहरू-तिलक आदि परिहास-पात्र हैं इसके लेखे दंडनीति ही परम सत्य है, ठोस हकीक़त इसके लेखे बन्दूकें ही चरम सत्य है, ठोस हकीक़त जय हो, जय हो, हिटलर की नानी की जय हो! जय […]

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Hindi – Chini Bhai Bhai Again

By   /  May 5, 2013  /  Breaking News, India, Local, News, Politics  /  6 Comments

Breaking News:  The Chinese  got thoroughly disheartened after realizing that even if they come 100 km inside India, the Indian public will still not get over this intrigue called IPL and give them even as much as a second look. Couple this with a total lack of reaction from the enemy and it was no […]

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And Sajjan Kumar goes free …

By   /  April 30, 2013  /  Breaking News, India, Local, News, Politics  /  No Comments


  “Gawahi badal do, muawza milega aur flat dilwa dunga” “Change your testimony, you will get money and I will give you a flat” This sums up the 28 years of the quest of justice for Anek Kaur, a victim of the 1984 anti sikh riots in which more than 3000 Sikhs were butchered in […]

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Is there an End to the plight of the Vidarbha farmers ?

By   /  April 29, 2013  /  India, Local, News, Society  /  3 Comments


Two cotton farmers from the Yavatmall district in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra committed suicide on the day President Pranab Mukherjee visited the region. The deaths of these two farmers, Prashant Sidhewar, 25 and Ramkrishnna Pandurang Kathale, 32, pushes the number of farmer suicide in this year to 176. To put this into perspective at […]

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The most insensitive ad on Indian Television

By   /  April 21, 2013  /  Film, Musings  /  14 Comments


From the settings, it looks like a prison/ concentration camp in South East Asia. The prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs and they look clearly terrified. The Firing squad takes its position and at the signal of their chief, they start firing. The hapless men fall on the ground in a heap. No, […]

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