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Democracy, Secularism, and Bodybags

By   /  August 10, 2013  /  3 Comments

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loc killing

India has become such a vibrant democracy off late that we are now experts at playing politics on any thing, be it money bags or body bags. The latest case in point is the incident where 5 Indian soldiers were killed in an attack on their forward post at the LOC in the Poonch sector of Jammu and Kashmir. While the nation was not alarmed by the rather regular phenomenon of its jawans being killed randomly both on the borders and deep within the ravines of Central India, it was taken by surprise by the immediate and vocal response, this incident elicited from the political leadership – in favor of Pakistan.

While the PM appeared not to have seen the TV on that fateful day and continued with the preparation of his rendezvous with Nawaj Sharif, it was his Defense Minister who came out with flying colors on this momentous occasion. Totally sidelining the report sent by the Army, he declared in parliament that the attackers were not Pakistani army regulars but jehadis in Pakistani army fatigue, he seemed to be aware even of what size were their trousers. Not even God can comprehend how Antony achieved this sudden enlightenment but he made sure that by this now legendary statement of his, he became ‘the man who kicked the hornet’s nest’. It is another story that, shredded to pieces by an opposition which suddenly found its voice, Mr Minister not only had to chew back his words but to swallow it as well.

While this Federal Minister was busy making a fool of himself, a state Pakiphille decided not to be outdone in demonstrating his love for Secularism. Out of the five soldiers killed, one was from Maharashtra and four were from Bihar, shedding their blood without the differences of Marathi and Bihari. But this Chief Minister did not even bother to visit the families of the fallen soldiers when their beloved ones returned in body bags. He was apparently reserving his big bang public appearance for Iftar parties. His kshtraps even outdid him in showing their love for the nation who happens to be our younger brother. While one hitherto unknown minister said that jawans enlisted in army to sacrifice their lives and their death was just business as usual (I hope he doesn’t say Airline pilots take up their jobs in the sky only to crash down); another enlightened soul went a step further,  giving a clean chit to Pakistan, with the affirmation in the belief that a docile nation like Pakistan can never do such a mischief.

The only thing remaining for us is to have another ‘senior’ minister of the UPA/SP/BSP/JDU/TMC arrange a press conference and declare that the five jawans on LoC were shot dead in a fake encounter by the Gujarat Police, a clear action by the divisive communal forces. The government will then go on, setting up an SIT probe find out the truth and the media crying themselves hoarse in pitched microphone battles on the TV. Meanwhile, by not putting any blame on Pakistan, the secular fabric of India will remain unscathed.

While such things happen in India, a befuddled Pakistani Army stares blankly in the mirror in utter confusion. They are no longer sure whether they are real  Pakistani army-men or just wearing the Pakistani army uniform.

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