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Has Nitish Redefined ‘Himalayan Blunder’ ?

By   /  June 18, 2013  /  Politics  /  1 Comment


Long back in our childhood, we had read a story where two cats are fighting for a piece of bread and unable to reach an amicable understanding, they decide to consult a monkey. ┬áThe monkey judge divides the bread in two unequal pieces, puts them on a balance and then keeps eating from one side […]

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The Politics of Morality And Poor Mannequins

By   /  June 16, 2013  /  Society  /  7 Comments


The problem with a democracy is that any idiot, who has the capability to gather a mob around him, can call the shots. A perfect example of this is the Municipal authority of Mumbai. In a sudden flash of (marijuana induced?) wisdom, someone identified the root cause of the increasing number of crimes against women […]

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A Tale of Two Suicides

By   /  June 10, 2013  /  Society  /  No Comments


The tragic suicide of Jiah Khan has sent the Indian media in a tizzy. Writing expansive articles on her depression and a troubled relationship with her loser boyfriend, the newspapers are in an overdrive to tell (or sell?) us what exactly went wrong in her life. Times of India even published the full text of […]

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