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Hindi – Chini Bhai Bhai Again

By   /  May 5, 2013  /  6 Comments

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Breaking News: 

The Chinese  got thoroughly disheartened after realizing that even if they come 100 km inside India, the Indian public will still not get over this intrigue called IPL and give them even as much as a second look. Couple this with a total lack of reaction from the enemy and it was no longer any fun staying in India any longer. Therefore the Chinese have decided to go back again, they can come again anytime they wish anyway.

It was a huge intelligence failure from the begining. The People’s Liberation Army greatly underestimated the general apathy that Indians can show to anything which doesn’t need a bat and ball or anyone whose name doesn’t end with a Khan. Since their History is highly controlled, they seem to have failed to take any lessons from the past.  When body bags draped in tricolor were coming back en-masse from Kargil, India was too occupied with the fours and sixes in the Cricket World Cup going on in UK. Only when the World Cup ended (with a defeat), did they realize that there was a war raging on their frontiers.

Can there be a bigger shame for a invader to have their grand invasion totally ignored? So next time, the Chinese will try  an incursion when the IPL season is not on. On the other hand; in a masterstroke, the Indian government will make sure  that IPL happens every summer because the Himalays can take care of the affairs during the winters by themselves. Actually Winters are the only times when the borders are really safe because then the Indian establishment is not given a chance to commit another Himalayan blunder by its enemies.

To a related development, the Indian army has withdrawn from their own lands. They realized that it will be better to go and watch IPL in their bunkers than shed blood for a nation which just doesn’t care.

Hindi – Chini are Bhai-Bhai again …

So who won today ? MI or CSK ?

Image Courtesy: Manoj Kureel ( twitter.com/manojkureel )

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