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Attack on Presidency College and the Rot in Bengal

By   /  April 11, 2013  /  6 Comments

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Kolkata, April 10 – The City of Joy seems to have reached a point where merely saying that not everything is right with the city will be a gross understatement. The city as well as the whole state has literally gone to dogs.

Yesterday’s attack on the Presidency College was unlike everything this university had ever seen. The prestigious Baker Chemistry Lab which has been the workplace of eminent scientists like JC Bose, Satyendra Nath Bose and Meghnad Saha was vandalized, the students were beaten up mercilessly and professors were thrashed when they tried to save them. “The goons, carrying Trinamool Congress flags and armed with spears and rods, chased girl students and the dean Debashruti Roychowdhury around the campus, threatening to rip their clothes and rape them in public.”  All this happened while the police stood as a mute witness. It what the SFI did in Delhi can be termed as gross hooliganism, this was an act of pure monstrosity.

It will be difficult for Mamta Banerjee to justify this wanton act of barbarism. This was not the usual clash of student groups which the educational institutions of West Bengal have been witnessing for decades now. The attackers came from outside, a TMC councilor was photographed along with the mob while it was scaling the walls of the college, and their aim was to cause destruction, while the authorities were swung between being indifference and abetment. It was like a cold blooded pogrom, a grim reminder of the attack and subsequent massacre in the Dhaka University by the Pakistani army in 1971. So has Bengal been taken over by the new era Razakaars?

The mercurial Ms Banerjee came to power with the promise of bringing sweeping changes to the state which had been ravaged by CPM for last 30 years. However, she is proving to be worse, in fact, the worst catastrophe which Bengal has witnessed since 1946. If the political violence, which can make someone think that there is a civil war going on in the state, was not enough; now it is the alarming level of crime and pure hooliganism which is terrorizing the Bhodrolok. Not much seems to have changed; the ‘cadre’ has just changed its color from red to green.

Mamta must realize that the Ostrich’s attitude of blaming everything on CPM will not take her long. She might be grossly intolerant to criticism and equally insensitive to the lives and dignity of others (“it was a small incident” / “she asked for it”) but she cannot continue to be like this, this was never supposed to be a dictatorship of the idiot.

Didi can keep fuming and act like she was the Angry Bird of India but who is there to remind her that this is not a nautanki which demands stage histrionics. There is a state to be run, there are millions (by millions, I mean people, not money) to be taken care of.  The strategy of “my goons will give a befitting reply to their goons” will not help anyone. This will just push the limits of the abyss TMC and CPM are pushing Bengal into.

Final question, will I be arrested/ manhandled/ beaten up for writing this?

Image Courtesy: India Today

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