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Hypocrisy or Cultural Setback

By   /  January 14, 2013  /  No Comments

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There were lots of demonstrations and protests of late after the heinous rape incident of a 23 year old. Common people – men, women, youth, and celebrities took part in demonstrations across the country. Everyone voiced their opinion about the increasing number of rapes, pondered about the reasons behind the same and ‘Socially’ where we are heading. Obviously, a society with no respect for women, where women are not safe can’t develop, can’t prosper neither can exist in longer run.

This article is not for brainstorming on the reasons for rape but just a realization, which people intentionally or unintentionally ignore.

The other day, I was watching this newly released movie of Imran. This film tried to portray the rights and plights of farmers at the hands of big politicians/industrialists, but failed miserably. There was nothing in the movie, except mother-sister abuses and filthy language.?? And with every abuse, there was clapping, laughing in the theatre and ladies were outnumbering men in that. Oh sorry ‘girls’ not ladies! Girls who are educated enough to understand what is right/wrong. Girls who are educated enough to understand what kind of language is against the respect of their gender, uncivil and unsocial. These are the same girls who shout on top of their voice for women rights and equality with placards in their hands and at the same time enjoy filthy mother-sister abuses shown in movies – clap, laugh, whistle and provide good feedback for the movie. Bunch of hypocrites!

So much of noise was made on painted and dainted remarks of Abhijeet Mukherjee (Son of President), ask yourself – were you really angry of what he said or was it because somewhere he showed the mirror. A part of that crowd protesting is those girls from the Multiplex. I know personally many girls who love and enjoy those kind of abuses in movies, post their status giving nice reviews about the movie and the same time shout their heart out in the name of women respect. When you yourself can’t respect your dignity, how can you expect from others? Or is it like mother-sister abuses are part of Our Society/culture, disrespect to women fashionable and you enjoy it now?

??First decide what you want, take a stand. If you can’t then you can’t blame anyone else. ??Aha, if you are pinched – don’t try and question my mentality, mind-set and all that waste things. If it has pinched you, means I spoke the truth and if you don’t care then it further proves my words.

Below lines, which I wrote after the demonstrations across country, still stands correct: –

?? ???? ?? ??????? ????? ???? ???? ?????????? ??? , ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? , ??????????? ??? ??? !!

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