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Homeless – 23 Years and Counting

By   /  January 19, 2013  /  1 Comment

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23 years and they are still leaving lives of Refugee in their own Country. If you raise question, ask what state Govt. and central has done – you are tagged communal because you asked question about Hindus Exodus. Questions start pouring like, forget Kashmir what about Gujarat. Dumb heads see Riots and ethnic cleansing by Jihadi with same eyes. Where few Media persons became stars of political parties shouting day in and day out about Gujarat riots, some so called pseudo seculars and self-proclaimed intellectuals became members of various Govt. headed communities and few even secured Rajya Sabha seats for them singing Gujarat riots lyrics day in day out. Hello, people of this country would also like to hear your voices on the miseries and sufferings of lakhs of our own Kashmiri Pundits. You might get few awards and recognition by just raising one issue and ignoring other but fact is you all are evil-hearted and rotten from inside. Your so-called liberalism and secularism is flawed and sucks to the core.

Kashmir Pundits exodus has exposed a secular myth in someway that Liberals exists in other community, if they do then why they don’t speak for these lakhs of their own countrymen living in exile as they do in other case? Separatists and terrorists are given security cover and chance to spit venom, raise anti-national slogans. These all things only prove that our Govts. believe only in Vote Bank politics and has nothing to do with country, people of country.

Hope a day will come and a government will come who will think and work for Kashmiri Pundits and they will be able to return to their home.

Few slogans and posters that were heard and seen at that time –

“Asi gachi Pakistan, Batav rostuy batinien saan (We want Pakistan, without Pundit men but with their women)” “Musalmaano jaago, Kaafiro bhaago”

Looking forward for the release of Rahul Pandita’s book – ‘Our Moon has Blood Clots’, based on Kashmiri Pundits exodus and situation in the valley at that time.

However, on 23rd anniversary of exodus Media Houses are busy in Chitan-Shivir and deciding political make-up of their own Yuvraj.

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