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Kolkata shamed: Girl Molested and Assaulted in public

By   /  June 12, 2012  /  Breaking News, India, Local, News, Society  /  3 Comments


“Aamar Shonar Bangla” seems to be slipping fast. And now it’s not just an economic downward spiral but has become social as well. Kolkata, earlier thought of as one of the safer cities for women, seems to be striving really hard to compete with Delhi as far as the crime against women is concerned. Consider […]

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Salute to Ram Prasad Bismil on his Birth Anniversary.

By   /  June 12, 2012  /  History, India  /  No Comments


On 11-June-2012, we salute Amar Shahid Ram Prasad Bismil on his Birth Anniversary, the great revolutionary and one of the founding members of Hindustan Republican Assocation. Bismil Saheb, your life and deeds will continue to inspire us. Vande Maataram !   सरफरोशी की तमन्ना अब हमारे दिल में है, देखना है जोर कितना बाजुए कातिल […]

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The First Falling “BRIC” ?

By   /  June 12, 2012  /  Economy, India, Local, News  /  2 Comments


The biggest news of today was not the spat between Modi and Nitish or what ICC had to say about the match fixing Bimbo, but about S&P threatening to downgrade India to – the worst possible nightmare – Junk grade. This “warning” comes on the back of slowing growth, declining IIP, a falling currency and […]

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