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The Tigers become history …..

By   /  May 18, 2009  /  1 Comment

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I have seen history being made. In past two decades, I have seen a motley group of “boys” graduating from being jungle guerrillas to the most fierce fighting guerrilla force in the world. Today I have witnessed their downfall.Prabhakaran is dead along with his family, commanders, family and thousands of civilians. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam is a thing of past now. However ruthless the Tigers have been in their methods of fight, the way they have struggled and fought to the last man standing has been awe inspiring. I wonder whether the world will ever see another fighting force like this ever again. I wonder if the world will ever like to see. LTTE didn’t loose the war in last one year only. The saga of their downfall started being written when a female Black Tiger assassinated Rajiv Gandhi on a similar hot night 18 years ago. Every subsequent political assassination, every bomb blast, every failed negotiation was like just another word on the epitaph of the Eelam movement. The story of Tamil Tigers is a sad story of won bloody wars and lost chances of peace. How I wish that Prabhakaran had valued peace as much as he idolized war. It was not the courage (or the lack of it) of LTTE cadres but the blood lust of the LTTE leadership which is the cause of their ultimate annihilation.After crushing LTTE, Mahinda Rajapakse is a hero today. He has a chance to become a legend, if he manages to heal the wounds of the Sri Lankan Tamils, restore their bruised dignity and win back their hearts. I hope he does not loose the chance to immortality like Prabhakaran did not once but thrice. And if he does, it will be catastrophic !
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