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Is this our biggest humiliation after the defeat of 1962?

By   /  December 1, 2008  /  13 Comments

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Is the attack or rather say, massacre at Mumbai the most humiliating incidence in Indian history after the defeat of 1962 ? I was not born much after the China War but my parents recall how great was the feeling of humiliation in India at that time, a black stain on the conscience which was washed only after the war of 1965. What do we need to do to wash the blood stains this time?Today as an Indian, I feel humiliated. When I see the charred remains of Taj, the blood at CST, the grief of the people and the atrocious guts of the terrorist, my head hangs in shame at the ineptitude with which we are securing the boundaries of our nation. I feel threatened more than I have been even after all those bomb blasts. Its like a big psychological jolt for me. My confidence in India as a strong nation seemed to have sagged a little.continued...

This was not just any attack, it has showed the proverbial chinks in our Armour, has shown how vulnerable we and our lives are.

It exposes a big Security scam, from the Coast Guard to the Intelligence to the Police Forces. Just think of it, it was the Mumbai police with a so called trained “ATS”. What will happen if this happens in states/ cities where we have just potbellied ordinary 303 rifle wielding policemen. NSG will again take 10 hours to arrive, how many civilians, policemen and buildings will we loose by then? The terrorists have been successful in their first experiment, next time the will come with more dynamite and RDX to blow up whole localities. Will our RAW, IB blah blah “protect” us then in the same manner they have been doing till now?

We need a big shake up in the whole structure. We still are far from being a zero tolerance nation towards Terrorism (in fact, our tolerance seems to be the highest after Iraq). I wonder when will we shake our selves up from this indifferent sleep.

Till all this is done, will our government be “potent” enough to reply back to this National Shame in a “Munich way” ? Will we Indians be able to get our revenge?

What do you feel ?

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