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Ruled by Scoundrels !

By   /  June 23, 2008  /  15 Comments

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“Those who criticize politics as the last resort of a scoundrels are condemned to be ruled by scoundrels” – Plato
It is really surprising to see how a statement as the above one made some 2000 years ago can so accurately describe the state of affairs of a country like India in 2008.Consider this; 40% of MLAs in Uttar Pradesh are in Jail. Most of them booked under heinous crimes like loot, murder, kidnapping etc. And the rest of the nation does not present a very rosy picture either. Mob violence in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal, water wars between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Infiltration problems in North East.. all these issues along with the rampant corruption and misuse of Power and public money point out to an inefficient and dishonest leadership. The majority of Indians are young men and women now. Then why should they be ruled by power hungry and corrupt old Netas whose only interest lies in clinging to their “Throne”? Why is India opting for an 85 year old CM whose idea of welfare is distribution of color TVs when the state is reeling under funds crisis; or another moron whose sole aim in life is to have more and more statues and parks build in her name? More than half of the nation consists of working class, then why are they allowing the Politicians to squander the hard earned public money in “Tughlaqi projects” which have the capacity to astonish even Tughlaq himself? Why is a resurgent India letting an inefficient leadership curtail its might ?The answer lies in the attitude of a general Indian. Like me, he too wishes for a change, BUT, he doesn’t want to be the carrier of change himself. In other words, he wants Bhagat Singh to be born again and bring revolution, but in the neighbor’s home, not his. He, the usually argumentative Indian, becomes totally silent when it comes to join the fight against this corrupt system. And it is the silence of a common Indian which allows a mob of thousands to control a population of millions. Simply because we fail to react, and we never protest if something is wrong.So where is the solution for this ordeal? Are we going to allow these scoundrels rule us forever? Or are we going to do something ?
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