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The Archaic Jungle Called Indian Penal Code: 377 and Beyond

By   /  December 15, 2013  /  Society  /  3 Comments


Our Honorable Supreme Court has been giving predictably shocking judgement recently, be it giving another bail to Laloo Yadav or the more notorious one in which it set aside a 2009 ruling by Delhi High Court which had rendered Article 377 null and void. The Apex court has ruled that changing the laws is the […]

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Democracy, Secularism, and Bodybags

By   /  August 10, 2013  /  Politics  /  3 Comments

loc killing

India has become such a vibrant democracy off late that we are now experts at playing politics on any thing, be it money bags or body bags. The latest case in point is the incident where 5 Indian soldiers were killed in an attack on their forward post at the LOC in the Poonch sector […]

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The Epitaph of Freedom of Speech

By   /  July 27, 2013  /  India, Politics  /  10 Comments


A long time back, in a big country, there lived a poet who would not be afraid. In fact, he was so reckless that when an autocrat tried to chain the nation in the shackles of emergency, he directly asked her: इंदु जी इंदु जी क्या हुआ आपको, सत्ता के नशे में भूल गईं बाप […]

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The New Age Politics of Intolerance

By   /  July 16, 2013  /  India, Politics  /  4 Comments


Indian Politics is funny, the way it tries to demolish Democracy, and its very cause of existence can be a classic case study. Leave alone the bigwigs who cannot bear being questioned; even the smaller fish are increasingly intolerant to scrutiny. I had an interesting experience with some Aam Aadmi Party folks on Twitter and […]

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Has Nitish Redefined ‘Himalayan Blunder’ ?

By   /  June 18, 2013  /  Politics  /  1 Comment


Long back in our childhood, we had read a story where two cats are fighting for a piece of bread and unable to reach an amicable understanding, they decide to consult a monkey.  The monkey judge divides the bread in two unequal pieces, puts them on a balance and then keeps eating from one side […]

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