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तो आप पद्मावती से आहत हैं?

By   /  January 25, 2018  /  India, Politics  /  No Comments

क्या आप पद्मावती से आहत हैं? क्या आपके टूथपेस्ट में नमक है? अरे बुरा मत मानिये, वैसे भी बुरा मानना और आहत हो जाना आजकल हमारा राष्ट्रीय टाइम पास बन गया है। सो, पद्मावती (हम पद्मावत वद्मावत न बोलेंगे) देखी तो होगी नहीं आपने, देख लेते तो संजय लीला भंसाली का बॉर्डर स्टाइल निर्देशन थोड़े […]

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A Nation Held Hostage By The Mobs

By   /  July 4, 2017  /  India, Society  /  No Comments


When mobs decide to take law in their hands, injustice is almost always done. It also indicates a total lack of faith, and fear, of the rule of law in the land where these events take place. India is not new to mob lynching, although some would like to believe that it started only in […]

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Of Mockery of Education and Merit

By   /  June 4, 2016  /  India, Society  /  No Comments


Being born in a state which was ruled for 15 years by a Joker and his cronies comes with its own set of disadvantages and hence life for a simple law-abiding non-resident Bihari is not easy in India. You are an economic refugee in your own nation, like a bird snatched from its nest and […]

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India’s Daughter ? Be Very Afraid To Be One

By   /  March 6, 2015  /  Society  /  2 Comments


India is a gargantuan Ostrich, highly irritable and takes offence at the slightest pretext, as if it was the national pastime. Its biggest strength, however, lies in its ability to hide its head in the sands of denial and pretend nothing wrong ever happened. Jyoti (Do not give me the Nirbhaya bullshit, call her by […]

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Culture Minister Who Writes Filthy Songs

By   /  January 4, 2015  /  Society  /  No Comments


Vinay Bihari is the Art, Culture and Youth Affairs Minister of Bihar, a state which has produced the likes of Bhikhari Thakur, Bismillah Khan and Sharada Sinha. The Cultural Credit of Vinay Bihari is mostly his ability to write songs and he plays lyricist for Bhojpuri Films. This week a film named “Jaan Lebu Ka […]

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