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A Nation Held Hostage By The Mobs

By   /  July 4, 2017  /  No Comments

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When mobs decide to take law in their hands, injustice is almost always done. It also indicates a total lack of faith, and fear, of the rule of law in the land where these events take place.

India is not new to mob lynching, although some would like to believe that it started only in 2014. While the beef-related incidents get a privileged seat on the prime time of any new channel, thanks to their unlimited thirst for TRPs, it may burst your bubble to know that this violence is only the tip of the malicious iceberg. Hundreds of innocent people are beaten to death in India every year on the suspicion of being a thief, a child-lifter, on being accused of Blackmagic (!) and for something as personal as falling in love (or marrying) another person of their choice.

Ever seen those videos of mobs beating someone up, tied to a pole, tractor or lying on the ground? You will see people smiling, laughing, taking photos from their cell phones, all this while a human being, whose guilt was never proven, is dying a slow and painful death in front of their eyes. We as a people are either numb to violence, or we take pleasure out of it. A man being killed is a sport, a woman being stripped naked and beaten to death is just another naked female body. What kind of civilisation, what culture breeds people like us?

Every lynching, every innocent dead, only ends up underlining the big question mark on our claims of being a civilised country. If mobs are killing people at will even in 2017, are we even fit to be put in the same category of homo sapience as the others, let’s say- the West, which we never tire of accusing of all the perverseness that we have accumulated on our own?

जिन्हे नाज़ है हिन्द पर वो कहाँ हैं?

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