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Of Mockery of Education and Merit

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There indeed was a provision for re-totaling of the papers (reevaluation was conveniently not allowed) and we did go to Intermediate Council to apply for re-totaling of all the 30s papers. 15 years on, the results are still awaited. This whole episode made me so bitter that I never went back to that college of Inter Council again, not even to collect my passing certificate.

In Bihar, we have a system which is cannibalistic in nature. Corruption is institutionalized in a way that Babus have no shame in asking for bribe from their own colleagues for petty things like getting an Earned Leave approved, leave alone from students as young as their own children for their rightful entitlement of having a fair evaluation in exams. This system is so cruel that it will not hesitate in destroying the future of someone if it was not allowed to suck their blood, not caring that a Bihari is destroying a Bihari here. A little less than 60% and I would not have been able to secure job at most places, including my current company ever. We just counted our blessings and moved on.

Two years later, my cousin secured very good marks in 10th and decided to join Patna Science College again, I tried to warn her but the glamour of that college was yet to be finished totally. She ended up with exactly 60% marks in her Intermediate exams. Talk about some lessons never learnt!


These “toppers” bring shame to all those hard working students from Bihar who will never secure more than 65% marks in the Intermediate exams because they do not have contacts / money to pay of the Bihar Intermediate Education Council. If you know someone who passed his/ her 12th from this board and got more than 80% marks, you can easily guess what kind of setting was done. However, consider this is as a humble request – please do not make fun of the lesser ones like us who could barely manage 60%, because that will be a terrible injustice!

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