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Mob Violence In Pune Over Facebook Post

By   /  June 4, 2014  /  1 Comment

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At first I thought of ignoring this fresh cycle of violence, partly because I was afraid of speaking against the mobs. However water seems to be running over the head now and has been mostly ignored by mainstream media for most part.

Pune started seeing disturbance on Sunday, 1-Jun-2014 when mobs on two wheelers started doing rounds in Pune, forcing shops to shut down. The situation quickly escalated and very soon dozens of State Transport buses were damaged, private vehicles were attacked and some two-wheelers in a parking were burnt.

Things turned really ugly when a young IT Professional was beaten to death by a mob while he was coming back after offering prayers, allegedly because he was wearing a skullcap. Quoting Indian Express:

A young IT professional was killed, allegedly by members of a radical Hindu outfit, as he was returning home Monday night, after derogatory pictures of Shivaji and Bal Thackeray uploaded on Facebook triggered communal tension across the city over the weekend, police said.

Police identified the victim as Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, a 24-year-old from Solapur district, who worked as an IT manager with a private firm in Pune.

Murdered over a Facebook Post which he had no connection with ? How stupid people can get ?

Why is life so cheap in our country ?

The recent incident and similar ones before bring to light, a few glaring points:

  • We forget the difference between virtual and real worlds and some parties with vested interests take advantage of this, either by causing provocation or by reacting to the provocation with violence, using Social media as a tool.
  • Mobs hold sway in Maharashtra and have the final say it seems. Be it the Azad Maidan incident, arrest of two Mumbai girls for a post on Bal Thakaray, attack on people from NE India after fake photos from Assam or vandalizing of Toll Booths; they are given a free hand while they cause havoc on the roads.
  • Administration usually plays Dhritrashtra while mobs indulge in violence and arson.  Does making appeals to people to maintain peace complete the duties of the Police ? What else has been done to re-established public confidence ? Why do we tend to go soft on mobs and harsh on individuals ? If Police is not capable enough to handle the situation, why not call in the army and have them impose curfew and conduct flag marches in the city? I am sorry to say, but even Lalu Yadav in Bihar proved better in handling communal tension than the current administration of Maharashtra.

Even today, many of shops in my area are closed. I feel worried, more because I know that if something happens, the state will not protect us. Finally, some more maturity is expected of the people. This madness must be stopped ! 

Reference: Firstpost, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Times of India

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