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माय माटी छोडब नही, लडाय छोडब नही..

By   /  December 18, 2013  /  Politics  /  No Comments


The Government would have done India a big favor if it had let aside it crony capitalism for a moment and let its Netas, Babus and Police reflect on the grievances of the Tribals. This song describes their plight and why they have been forced to take up arms against the system, which usually does […]

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The Archaic Jungle Called Indian Penal Code: 377 and Beyond

By   /  December 15, 2013  /  Society  /  3 Comments


Our Honorable Supreme Court has been giving predictably shocking judgement recently, be it giving another bail to Laloo Yadav or the more notorious one in which it set aside a 2009 ruling by Delhi High Court which had rendered Article 377 null and void. The Apex court has ruled that changing the laws is the […]

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