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The Epitaph of Freedom of Speech

By   /  July 27, 2013  /  10 Comments

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A long time back, in a big country, there lived a poet who would not be afraid. In fact, he was so reckless that when an autocrat tried to chain the nation in the shackles of emergency, he directly asked her:

इंदु जी इंदु जी क्या हुआ आपको,

सत्ता के नशे में भूल गईं बाप को

I wonder what would have happened to this poet if he had been in today’s Indian politics, laced with venomous intolerance. Maybe, he would have just been lynched by the modern days Netas and their cronies.

The latest in the series is the case of Amartya Sen who doesn’t think that he will like to see Narendra Modi as the next PM of India. This infuriated one sections of politicians and some were moronic enough to demand that Mr. Sen return the Bharat Ratna given to him during the tenure of the NDA government.

Why should Amartya sen return the award? The Bharat Ratna Awards are not someone’s ‘Baap ki Jaagir’ that they needs to be returned back if the recipient holds a different opinion than that of the giver. However the Indian Politics has taken such a sad turn that there is no scope for a non-political person to express his opinion without inviting trouble. Be it the Aditi Restaurent in Mumbai or a Nobel prize winner, they either need to fall in line with the mob bosses or face the consequences. So much so for Democracy!

As someone rightly mentioned, politics has become the new Zamindari, with dynastic hegemony, servile mobs and a new breed of intolerant fanatics. If you are a Modi supporter, you will be branded communal; if you oppose Modi then you commit an act of high treason. And if you choose none of these, well then God save you!

Anyway, for some fanatics, this was not enough. A few days back, I saw a post in a Facebook Page pompously called, “BJP Gujarat”. This post on Amartya Sen and his daughter Nandana Sen was in such a bad taste that it has provoked unprecedented anger. See for yourself:


This Facebook group is not the official group of Gujarat BJP and is clearly the handiwork of an over enthusiastic and mentally retarded fan of Narendra Modi.  However what is the case in point to which people are stooping down to shut up the voice of dissent. It also shows how Social Media is giving these uncivil imbeciles the power to throw dirt on people who are way above them in intellect and everything else.

The mentality of such elements is so evident in this case. Even though the photograph is fake and does not even belong to Nandana Sen, the message given by these guys is loud and clear: If you are a fashion model, you are corrupt and of loose morals. Do we need Taliban to take over the nation when we have such “Deshbhakts” in our country? And to think of it, Mr Sen to bear all this insult from this pedestrian scum just because he was honest enough to admit that he disapproves of a certain Politician.

If BJP needs to salvage its dignity, it must weed out this kind of poisonous elements within the party. Otherwise there will not be much difference between the party with a difference and the cronies of Sonia Gandhi.

The days of statesmanship are over with Atal Bihari Vajpayee, now all we have are petty politicians; and from this muck, we are forced to choose the least filthy one. Such sad state of Indian politics  makes even a self respecting citizen cringe in disgust and wish that the rule of Queen Victoria comes back to this country.

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  • Published: 4 years ago on July 27, 2013
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About the author

An IT Professional based in Pune, India. A Traveler, Photographer and Blogger. Self Proclaimed Middle of the Right.

  • Easwar Arumugam

    The mind that creates such an unpalatable stuff must be a deranged one.

    • EternalRebel

      And that mind and the body it lives in, must be checked.

  • Ragini Puri

    Loved the write-up Purnendu, and yes the days of statesmanship are indeed over with Atal Bihari Vajpayee. I also looked up to Murli Manohar Joshi and Somnath Chatterjee. And today there is not one politician in any party who commands respect from peers and public alike. Politics now is all about petty allegations and counter allegations.

    • EternalRebel

      Thanks Ragini. I agree with each word of you. Politics, though toxic, still had some class earlier. Now its downright sadakchhap.

  • matheikal

    You are absolutely right in condemning the rogue who created the FB page. Bigots never understand higher truths. They remain fascist to the core.

    • EternalRebel

      These bigots need to be stopped. This nation will never forgive the silence of the good.

  • C. Suresh

    This is atrocious behavior – both the treatment of the Bharat Ratna as some sort of favor done to the recipient and that truly depraved pic. I shudder to think of the day when these things will be considered normal behavior – or has that day already come?

    • EternalRebel

      We are reaching that stage very soon, where all this becomes a normal behavior in the democracy

  • sonya

    Hello, this is slightly off the topic here but I thought there is a need to get this in picture…Outlook survey on ‘Most influential Indians 2013’ and once you log in the most horrible thing I came across was for each state they have 5 nominations…delhi is ruled by Gandhi’s it seems and Gujarat has no place for Modi…To me this looked like a really biased survey. And it’s not fair on people who dont know these details. Once the results are out we all will get busy tweeting/ blogging/ writing without knowing fully on how it was conducted… Need you to look into this and share comment on this….

    • EternalRebel

      Well, who cares about such surveys ? 🙂

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