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The most insensitive ad on Indian Television

By   /  April 21, 2013  /  14 Comments

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From the settings, it looks like a prison/ concentration camp in South East Asia. The prisoners have their hands tied behind their backs and they look clearly terrified. The Firing squad takes its position and at the signal of their chief, they start firing. The hapless men fall on the ground in a heap.

No, this is not a scene of a documentary showing war crimes in a distant civil war ravaged nation or mass execution of political dissidents. It is because, the prisoners realize that they are not dead, the rifles are firing colors. And they stand up and start jumping in joy in what happens to be an ad for a Micromax phone …

What were the makers of this ad thinking when they created this monstrosity ?

Before someone accuses me of being a thin skinned bloke with a bad sense of humor  I must clarify that while I hate the favorite pass-time of our nation – getting offended at anything or everything; this ad is something which no one in a sane state of mind would approve of, let alone create. Are public executions something to joke about and make fun of ? Who is the joker who directed this video ? He needs to be told that War crimes are something about we may do with a little more sensitivity.

Going by such falling standards, what can we expect in future from such “ad gurus” ? An advertisement featuring Nirbhaya ?

Watch for yourself ..

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  • Published: 5 years ago on April 21, 2013
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  • The general level of sensibilities in our creative processes seem to be nose diving in recent times.

    • EternalRebel

      Art is often the reflection of the society. So are we safe to assume that they are creating what we have become these days ?

  • umashankar pandey

    Is it a wonder we are such a violent race, then?

    • Not only that. We are obnoxious enough to claim that we are the best of the lot.

  • Tastelessness seems rampant in the ad industry. This one is probably the nadir. But I found that Quikr ad about cricketers unsold in IPL pretty tasteless as well.

    • Am glad I havent seen that 😀

  • hehehe.. its a declaration and an assumption liking the ad is being insane .. its a personal view … well i have no likeness toward this ad in particular nor am I here just to contradict you ..and respecting your point of view as well, Puru, I would say.. the ad is to grab the attention of those billions who see so many of them in 5 mins … and it justifies the job … and thats why its probably being dragged to your court where we are keeping our points !! Point is ads job is done !! And why are u waiting for Nirbahaya ads ? whatever the news channels were doing with even that name – Nirbhaya and all was just for their benefit … or do you think they got emotional befooling the nation ?

    Find me frequenting your blog if you love debates … !!! 🙂 although … i am not aggressive enough to prove anything … the world itself is virtual … who wastes time proving !!! 🙂 Nice blog bro !!

    • Welcome to The Mutinous Indian 🙂 While I agree that the ad manages to grab eyeballs, anything which is downright weird does. But making fun of a massacre is just not ethical. Imagine a setup with people assembled in Jalianwala Bagh .. Gen Dyer comes and orders firing and they start splattering colors … well the ad will achieve its aim of shocking us and grabbing our attention, but will that be ethical ?

      About media, the less said is better.

  • Indrani

    There is one more ad which irritates me… something related to job search… HARI our Hindu God is describeds as Hitler Arrogant Rascal… try doing it with some other God’s name of some other religion and u can imagine the backlash… anyways we are a secular country so we must quietly tolerate else we are branded as thin skinned and no sense of humor!!!!!

    • They will find themselves lynched if they tried that with some others ..

  • Garfield Dsouza

    My sentiments exactly! However, I am so insensitized these days, it took me a while to realize they were actually turning a mass execution into a celebration of colour!

    • EternalRebel

      This is the irony .. genocides are entertainment for some

  • Shilpi Dutta

    This ad made no sense to me. Yet they didthe job of geeting a fair share of attention. Controversies, if created, just adds value tothe brand. Even if I ignore the sentiments that u r trying to bring out, this ad is unappealing and poor. (Being in the same industry, I judged the ad on its creative and commercial value). Rest was a good post:-)

    • EternalRebel

      There is one thing called controversial, and another being insensitive. Genocides should not be a matter of joke for anyone.

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